• John McCain 1936-2018War Hero. Statesman. Arizonan. In this celebration of the life and career of Senator John McCain, we offer two distinct perspectives of his legacy.
  • Arizona Ghost Towns & Secret SaloonsIt’s October, and that means two things: Halloween thrills and scenic in-state road trips. Satisfy both cravings in one fell swoop with this 20-page séance devoted to Arizona’s bounty of abandoned treasures.
  • The Ultimate Late-Night Eats GuideJonesing for an after-midnight meal…on Tuesday? Follow our roving dining reporter on a tour of the town’s top taverns, taquerias and other late-night food solutions.
  • Viva VenturaSqueeze in one last beach escape during Southern California’s Indian summer.
  • Garfield’s Little ChefA former Route 66 diner near Roosevelt Row creates an atmosphere that stimulates appetites, conversation and nostalgia
  • Dr. Door KnockerCongressional Democratic hopeful Dr. Hiral Tipirneni managed to close a huge portion of the West Valley’s GOP gap in a special election this past April. Will November’s rematch against Rep. Debbie Lesko put her over the top?
  • Brandon McNultyCatch up with cycling phenom Brandon McNulty before he starts training for the 2019 spring-summer tours.
  • Laser TrailblazerArizona State University is building a laser that could revolutionize everything from cancer treatment to art history.
  • Scout, OutNow that the Mormon church has opted out of the girls-welcoming Boy Scouts, what will happen to scouting culture in the LDS-heavy East Valley?
  • How We Lost Lost LakeThe Valley’s Coachella-size hopes crumbled when the plein-air music festival pulled out after just one year.
  • Hieroglyphic Trail in the Superstition MountainsShare your Arizona trail adventures on our monthly hiking page

Valley News

Valley News

2018 Arizona Election Handbook

It’s shaping up to be a brutal, bloody midterm election. Don’t look away – you’ll need this irreverent but informative overview to make sense of the carnage.

Drink This


Beat & A Mic

Drop a Beat & A Mic at Rum Bar with this tropical, coral-hued refresher.



Coin Flip

In less than four weeks’ time, Krysten Sinema or Martha McSally will be Arizona’s first female U.S. senator. We look inside the most critical political race in Arizona history. ...

Food Reviews

Food Reviews

The Essential Guide to Drinking in the Valley

No matter how you say it, we’re toasting to the Valley’s buzzing and ever-growing bar scene. Herein: a watering hole for every taste, from the stickiest dive bar dance floors to the crafti



What’s in Your… Gym Bag? with Allison DuBois

Phoenix medium Allison DuBois opens her purse and chats about talking to dead people.



Art Break: Studio Snapshot with Ashwini Bharathula

An artist and an academic, painter Ashwini Bharathula uses her own reference photos to re-create people, urban landscapes and water surfaces in acrylic.



Brandon McNulty

Catch up with cycling phenom Brandon McNulty before he starts training for the 2019 spring-summer tours.

Food Scene

Three Bites

Meat Cute

Mortadella—aka “fancy bologna”—shrugs off its cold-cut origins on upscale Valley restaurant menus.



Arizona Ghost Towns & Secret Saloons

It’s October, and that means two things: Halloween thrills and scenic in-state road trips. Satisfy both cravings in one fell swoop with this 20-page séance devoted to Arizona’s


Visual Arts

Friday Flicks: Good Times at "Bad Times"

A star-studded, 60s-set thriller. ...

Top Ten Things To Do

Things To Do

Top 10 Things to Do This Week

Celebrate the cool weather with festivals and fun!

Web Extras

Web Extras

Congratulations to our Taco Haiku Contest Winners!

Ladies and gentleman, the winners of our Taco Haiku contest! ...



Recipe Friday: Otro Cafe Tamales

Many people make tamales for special occasions and during the holiday season, but why not cook up a batch for no reason during October? If you’re a tamale fan, but have never attempted to make t...

Arizona Diamondbacks


Arizona Diamondbacks 20th Anniversary Issue

The Arizona Diamondbacks 20th Anniversary issue is a special editorial publication of PHOENIX magazine published celebrate the achievements of the Valley’s Major League Baseball franchise, and to recognize our longstanding partnership with the team. ...

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