Where to Find the Best Moscow Mules in Phoenix

Written by Jessie Martin Category: Cocktails Issue: November 2016
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According to legend (from the soothsayers over at HuffPo), the Moscow Mule was invented in the 1940s as a way to get picky Americans to start drinking vodka and ginger beer. Before then, it seems stateside drinkers weren't fans of either vodka or ginger beer on their own. But a mash-up of the two had us singing a different tune. The Moscow Mule – just like the animal it's named for – is not simply the sum of its parts... something special happens when you mix vodka (or try gin!) and ginger beer with a healthy squeeze of lime in a copper mug. It's a magical hybrid.

We've scouted the best five mules in the Valley for your mash-up pleasure.

The Drunken Mule at Roy's in Chandler.1. Drunken Mule at Roy’s

Known for its Hawaiian/Polynesian food and cocktails, Roy’s doesn’t fall short with its pineapple-infused mule. Pau Maui vodka is mixed with muddled pineapples, Oregreat and ginger beer and is served in a classic copper mug garnished with a pineapple slice and leaf. This trendy happy hour location also severs a spin on the mule called “Paradise Found,” which is served in a copper pineapple.

7151 W. Ray Rd., Chandler

2. Rosy Mule at Phoenix Public Market

This flowery twist on a classic mule is refreshing and sweet. Made with traditional ingredients and a sprig of rosemary, this embellished drink perfectly matches the laid back atmosphere of Phoenix Public Market. Whether you’re out for happy hour or sipping on a midday cocktail, this mule with quench your thirst and look great on your Instagram.

14 E. Pierce St., Phoenix

3. Pomegranate Yuzu Mule at Culinary Dropout

Known for its creative mish-mash of food and drinks, Culinary Dropout offers an entire menu of unique mules. The “Pomegranate Yuzu Mule,” made with Aviation Gin, pomegranate, Yuzu Sour and ginger beer, is subtle and smooth. The gin and pomegranate mellow this drink from its traditional ginger tang, making it a nice diversion from the classic.

5632 N. 7th St., Phoenix (multiple locations)

4. ACV Mule at Crudo

This pear-infused mule is a metaphor for the animal it’s named for, in that it's a true a hybrid. Green Mark Vodka mixed with pear brandy and apple-cider vinegar syrup with a splash of ginger beer leaves the mouth tingling with a myriad of flavors. Sparkly yet balanced by the darker flavor of the brandy, this truly is an innovative take on the classic copper-cup cocktail.

3603 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix

5. Apple Ginger Mule at True Food

Just like everything at True Food, this drink is so fresh it's like taking your mouth on a nature walk. A wonderful blend of fruit, this cocktail includes juiced apple, ginger honey, fig infused vodka and a hint of lime. While it includes the classic ginger lime taste of a Moscow Mule, it adds an organic kitchen twist, making it a mule spinoff you won’t find anywhere else.

15191 N. Scottsdale Rd. #101