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Written by May Phan Category: Health & Fitness Issue: November 2017
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Fitwall fuses rock climbing, Crossfit and yoga

Fitwall Scottsdale
photo by Angelina Aragon
It’s common for people at the gym to struggle with the mental wall that prevents them from pushing themselves during workouts, but there’s no need to face it head on. Just climb over it. FitWall, a fitness studio that boasts intense 40-minute workouts, uses its aptly named Fitwall ladders as the core of its routines. Gym rats and newbies alike can squat, leap and “sprint” onto the rungs of the Fitwall for a full-body workout.

Once class starts, everyone jumps, literally, into high-interval training; they squat, skip and climb their way through 40 minutes, with short breaks. The gym offers different types of routines, says FitWall Scottsdale manager Kashaunda “Kash” Rogers. “We can cater to anybody and everybody,” she says. “You can modify all of the movements to cater to whatever [you] need.” Workouts change daily, so visitors can sweat through a strength-based workout on Mondays, endure full-throttle cardio on Fridays, or get a mix on Wednesdays. The studio provides heart-rate monitors along with complimentary coconut water and wet towels scented with lavender and peppermint to make all the sweating worth it. FitWall Scottsdale offers a 21-day jump-start program on the first Monday of every month for $129. A one-week trial for newcomers costs $39.95, and monthly memberships start at $149 per month.

Fitwall Scottsdale
18221 N. Pima Rd., Scottsdale