Phoenix's Arcadia Premium delivers – in both senses of the word – a quality selection of local and national specialty goods to the Valley.

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Written by Arren Kimbel-Sannit Category: Lifestyle Issue: October 2016
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With the rising popularity of specialty shops like Schreiner’s Fine Sausage and Tarbell’s Wine Store, Valley consumers have plenty of options for their specialty-goods needs. The challenge: where to find them curated all in one place, with an emphasis on local products?

Consider Arcadia Premium a test flight in this emerging market. Located at 56th Street and Thomas Road, the shop has been open for a handful of years, but got a visibility boost in 2015, when it was purchased by husband-and-wife team Laura Mulchay and Joel LaTondress. Mulchay’s name might sound familiar – she owned Petite Fromage, the now-closed cheese and charcuterie shop, and had a stint creating the cheese menu at Gertrude’s at Desert Botanical Garden. LaTondress is a sometime blogger who was widely credited for exposing the vainglorious shenanigans at Amy’s Baking Company.

The shop also puts a premium on the local and accessible, and will special-order anything in the state. They also deliver. What’s not to love?

1. Arizona beer and wine. Around 20 percent of the shop’s 125 beers are local, including offerings from THAT Brewery, Huss Brewing Company and impossible-to-find Borderlands Brewing (pictured).
2. Interesting non-local beverages. “There are a lot of great wines in the $10-$25 range,” Mulchay says. “We wanted to make the experience a lot more friendly. We think you should drink what you like.”
3. Cheese and charcuterie. The shop offers a handful of unusual deli meats like Chorizo Navarre and soppressatas, and a smattering of cheese selections. The shop is expanding its program.
4. Local products. Everything from Homeboy’s hot hauce to Tracy Dempsey Originals bacon-pecan brittle to Wonder Mustard.
5. Miscellany. Been searching high and low for a beer-cap map of Arizona? LaTondress and Mulchay have you covered.