What’s In Your…iPhone?

Written by Leah LeMoine Category: Lifestyle Issue: March 2019
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Publicist Charlotte Shaff shares her top apps for managing life as a work- at-home mom.

“My phone is basically my best friend,” says publicist Charlotte Shaff. “Because I work for myself, I am out and about a lot, and I’m never not working.” As owner of The Media Push, a Phoenix public relations firm that specializes in small businesses, she manages social media and media relations for upward of 10 clients at a time, in addition to pro bono projects for nonprofits and the parent-teacher organization of her sons’ Central Phoenix elementary school. “When I started out in PR, I didn’t have an office, so I had to learn from others, and social media was just coming up... Then it became like my office [water] cooler... I don’t have anybody to work with, so I have to catch up with people on social media.” Shaff shares the apps that keep her work-at-home mom life running smoothly.

What’s In Your…iPhone? Charlotte Shaff