Chaco Flaco

Written by Gwen Ashley Walters Category: Local Products Issue: May 2015
Group Mid-Level
Character count 2500
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Señor Flaco – the gun-toting, Day of the Dead-inspired mascot for Chaco Flaco beverage mixers – has a soft spot for pretty women, high-stakes card games and exotic locales. And cocktails, obviously. So goes the fanciful storyline dreamed up by founder Chuck Moore (Chaco Flaco means “Skinny Chuck”) for his line of imaginative, low-calorie mixers.

Weary of nasty, syrupy, chemical-laden mixers, he developed a margarita prototype about six years ago. Recruiting business partners, including body paint artist Adam Van Slyke, he added six other flavors to the line, from Forbidden Horchata – made with nutrient-dense black rice, cashews, cinnamon and vanilla – to Strawberry Bandita, full of real strawberries. Read the backstories of each character on the website, where you’ll also find links to social media detailing where the “skeleton” crew is sampling the mixes. Find Chaco Flaco at select farmers’ markets, AJ’s Fine Foods and Whole Foods. ($14.99)

Chaco Flaco


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