Kaffir Lime Tonic

Written by Shelby Moore Category: Local Products Issue: August 2016
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Any occasion that begins with a good gin and tonic, loaded up with ice and a squeeze of lime, is a small war waged on a long summer. Never mind that in 19th-century India, the entire point of the cocktail was to make taking your medicine – malaria-preventing quinine – a bit more tolerable. 

On average, the modern gin and tonic is still merely tolerable. It’s refreshing, sure. But could it ever be delicious?

Specializing in small-batch cocktail mixers, Matt Farrow and Kaylee Nedley have made it their mission to elevate the G&T. The couple started Iconic Cocktail Co. at the tail end of 2015, when a  common cold outbreak created strong demand for their maiden product, the peppery Spiced Honey mixer.

Tea-like and fruity, the Kaffir Lime Tonic comes in a 16-oz. jar – enough for about 16 cocktails – and is sweet enough to carry the whole cocktail. Combine 1 oz. of the tonic with 2 oz. gin, ½ oz. lime juice and ice; shake and top with soda for a fizzy spritz. Or try a morning version, replacing spirit with a couple of ounces of espresso or concentrated cold brew (no shaking required). 

This summer, find Kaffir Lime Tonic ($20 for 16 oz.) at both the Open Air Market and Uptown Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. And give your G&T game a shot in the arm.