Jerusalem Bakery brings the delights of Old World baking to Phoenix tables.

Moroccan Bread

Written by Shelby Moore Category: Local Products Issue: June 2016
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Whether it’s a French baguette, a loaf of 9-grain wrapped in plastic, or some artisanal sourdough, breads play an integral role in daily life, plain and simple.

But just because bread is simple doesn’t mean it has to be plain.

Take the Moroccan bread from Jerusalem Bakery. Israeli-born Lior Ben-Shushan and his wife Lily specialize in recipes that have traveled thousands of miles (and survived thousands of years) to school Phoenicians in the delights of Old World baking. Their Moroccan bread starts with a dough flattened to the shape of a Dutch pancake, baked and smothered – loaded, more precisely – with olive oil, salt and za’atar spice, a mixture of sumac, sesame seeds and fresh Mediterranean herbs.

Like his various versions of challah – which include all the spices you’d need for a terrific French toast – Ben-Shushan’s baked products are nuanced and delicious. The herbaceous, savory Moroccan bread is dense but fluffy, and ideally spongy to soak up soups, sauces, chutneys and pastes. A meal could be as simple as ripping apart bite-size bits to dip into hummus, or as decadent as soaking up the juices from lamb tajine on couscous, Morocco’s national dish. 

Find the bread at the bakery, or at the Ben-Shushans’ booth at the Open Air Market at the Phoenix Public Market every Saturday morning.