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Written by Marilyn Hawkes Category: Local Products Issue: November 2018
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A little bit of garlic-packed Slavo Salt goes a long way.

Photo by Angelina AragonArizona native Michael “Slavo” Stephens perfected his seasoning game while working as a chef in Dallas. His zesty seasoned salt was so good, in fact, that family and friends started asking for it. After moving back to the Valley a decade ago, Stephens continued to churn out the addictive condiment on request. When his circle of nonpaying “customers” grew too large to afford, he decided to take the enterprise up a notch, and Slavo Salt was born.

Stephens produces three kosher salt varieties: Original All Purpose with garlic and black pepper; Spicy Seasoning spiked with garlic, paprika, chile and cayenne peppers and chile powder; and Pure Garlic Salt loaded with chunks of roasted fresh garlic. All three ($9) are garlic-forward, full-bodied and flavorful. A little bit goes a long way.

Every other month, Stephens crafts up to 1,000 pounds of the savory seasonings. The small-batch seasoned salt enhances everything from grilled meats to steamed or roasted veggies to eggs, he says. And if you’re wondering about the name, “Slavo,” Stephens says he earned the moniker while a student at Brophy College Preparatory after a night of drinking Coors in a buddy’s backyard. “To this day, none of us can remember how we came up with it.”

You can find Slavo Salt locally at Duck and Decanter, Queen Creek Olive Mill, Arcadia Meat Market, Chula Seafood and Von Hanson’s Meats & Spirits. It’s also available at


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